Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten Modern Things

I know I can be a bit old-fashioned. I tend sometimes towards the fifties, sometimes towards the 19th century, and sometimes towards Narnian living, but I seldom express delight with present times. Yet, I must be thankful for living when I do. Thus, in no particular order, here are ten things that I appreciate about modern times--varying degrees of modern, anyway.

  1. Google. I am always surprised when people tell me they would like to know something, and I ask them if they Googled it, and they tell me they didn't. To me, it is almost reflex. I don't know how to hard boil eggs? Google. I want to learn to Charleston? Google. I want to purchase a custom fantasy-style cloak? Google. I want to know when the next hurricane will hit Florida? Google. I have no idea what people ever did without it.
  2. Modern optometry. I have poor vision, and I appreciate contact lenses and the possibility of laser eye surgery someday, especially as advancements are made in that field. Glasses are fine and all, but they are very impractical if you are in the midst of adventure.
  3. The ability to print books cheaply. I don't like to imagine living back in the days where a single book cost a great deal of money just because it was so difficult to make one. I like books. I like having them, and I like reading them. I don't care for e-books myself, but I do like the fact that books are so easily available to whoever wants to read one.
  4. Cell phones. Texting, in particular. I like that I can call from just about anywhere if I have an emergency, but I am more glad for the convenience and connectivity of texting.
  5. Higher education for females. I was permitted to go to college, and expected to go to college, and now that I am in college I am expected to graduate rather than find a husband and drop out. I can go to grad school if I want. I could be a professor. It isn't strange that I read. I may be inundated with learning and academia if I so choose, and even if I don't choose, I am happy that the option exists.
  6. Contraception. By the time I get married and have to deal with such things, there will probably be even more available options than there are currently. This is good. I don't want children.
  7. Sharpies. Sharpie permanent markers are awesome. Also, Sharpie makes the best pens.
  8. Rock music. What would we do without rock music? Specifically, I am fond of the grunge and post-grunge sound.
  9. Whiteboards. During the last school year, I used my mirror and dry-erase markers to plan my schedule and to-do list, and to practice math without wasting paper. Now, I have a small whiteboard that I don't plan to mount on the wall. Instead, I sit on my bed or at my desk, and hold it like a large clipboard. It is especially useful for all transient tasks of the pen.
  10. Indoor plumbing. Whenever I've got myself wanting to live in Narnia or very far back in time, I need only remember proper bathrooms, and the craving subsides.

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