Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Answers to Pseudo-Random Questions

For kicks and giggles, today I am using the Imagination Prompt Generator and giving brief answers to some of the random questions that come up.
  • If your tears could speak to you, what would they say? "It was much warmer in your face. Could you stop crying now?"
  • List five books that you've read this year. I just re-read the whole Chronicles of Narnia series, so that's seven right there. Bam.
  • People that irritate me... are often thrown into my life in places where I can't just avoid them, possibly for some patience-building purpose.
  • I wish I could... take a sailing ship around the world. Or around the Eastern seas of Narnia. Or just anywhere, really.
  • Describe a typical day in elementary school. I do wish my memory were that good. Uh...I think there were snacks in there somewhere. And we had the alphabet on the floor. Yeah.
  • Describe the perfect Spring day and the activities done on that day. I have this Norman Rockwell book called Norman Rockwell's America. If you ever find that book and look at some of his images of happy youngsters outdoors, I think you'll figure it out.
  • Name five things laying around your computer. My cell phone, the notebook I've been using to write notes for my novel, mixed herb seed packets from Microsoft, a Secondhand Lions DVD, and my absentee ballot.
  • What's your favorite special occasion? Probably the Christmas season. It's so happy! And musical! And cold! I also like any special occasion that lets me wear a dress.

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