Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Believing in Beauty

I wish to describe a contrast, or rather, a situation that relies on a great contrast.  Imagine, if you would, the young person who has lived all his life in a bleak location.  His very home was plain in all ways.  The land for miles around lacked any truly beautiful feature.  Seasons held only the worst aspects - winter meant more slush than snow, and spring held more pollen than flowers.  Summer was horribly hot, but the only beaches were ugly and polluted.  Sunrises and sunsets were strangely dull, and did not play lovely colors upon the clouds.

Who could ever say to him that river valleys and mountain springs, or daffodils and orchids and ivy and roses, or strange and elegant cloud formations, truly exist?  Who could impress upon him the idea of swimming in a deep blue ocean, or playing in fresh snow, or waking up glad to enjoy a beautiful dawn shining on a beautiful home?  He must be shown such hope, or how could he find it possible?