Saturday, July 10, 2010

Election Season Has Begun

Today, my absentee ballot showed up for the primary election. As a college student whose university is in a different district from where I am registered to vote, I suppose I am signed up for all the absentee ballots until I graduate. I like absentee voting because I may research the candidates as I vote, and I may do the researching and the voting quite at my leisure. However, there is some concern as to whether the mailed-in ballots are truly counted unless the race is close, and some concern about people illegally pulling them from the mail, etc. It seems unlikely, except that much of our country is corrupt.

There are billboards and postcards and commercials and phone calls from candidates, trying to tell everyone how much better they are than the opposition, yet the only way to find the truth is to seek it yourself, which most people have neither the time nor the impetus to do (even if they want to). I certainly hope to research before sending in my vote, for even if my vote matters little, I would like to know for myself that I made an honest attempt at choosing the people I would choose had I the ability to appoint them personally.

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