Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beginning Something Again

A long-ish time ago, I had a photo blog. The idea was simple: take and post one photo per day on the blog, with some semblance of title and no captions. It was great until my camera broke, followed by me getting sick of the project.

I have decided to do it again, for a few reasons:
  • I need an excuse to use my camera a lot, get use of it, and get practice with photo composition.
  • It's actually a good way to get some good photos. Not every photo will be amazing, but some will be.
  • It forces me to be more observant, to get out of the house (dorm?) and to look at what I see while I'm out - I don't want a zillion photos of the items on my desk and in my kitchen.
  • When I found the original blog again, after forgetting I'd ever made it or what account I had used to make it, I enjoyed looking back through all the photos I'd taken, and the strange view of those months that the blog offers. I want more of that pseudo-scrapbook. A scrapbook for the lazyman, one level above Facebook.

So, I begin it again, on this Google account, here:

The old one can be found here:

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