Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Bible Is Not An Oppressive Read

The Holy Bible is not an oppressive read. It is not impossible to get through it, nor impossible to understand. It is not a chore, it is not outdated, and it is not boring. There is no requirement that it be read in the oldest English you can find, nor that you begin at the beginning and go straight through to the end. You may use footnotes, multiple translations, modern translations, Strong's Concordance, and Bible study groups to give you understanding, or you may read through each book purely on your own.

The Bible is not a paperweight. It is not a decoration, a good luck charm, or an object that makes you holier just because you have it. It is not a piece of fiction. It has not lost its meaning over the years. It was not put together by men in an effort to control the church. Its stories are not the same when retold by other people; they are best read straight from the scriptures. It is not simply a book of stories.

The Bible is not a single book by a single man. It is all God-breathed, but it is sixty-six different books and letters, by different people, with different purposes, written at different times and places, with different moods and mindsets. You are not required to read the books in sequence. The books are all intertwined with the others.

The Bible is a book of mystery. The Bible is a book of understanding. The Bible is, above all, the Truth, and anyone seeking the truth, or seeking to destroy the truth, should at once begin with the Holy Bible.

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