Wednesday, September 12, 2012

True Free Will Chooses God's Way

I think that the only way to have true free will is to know everything and to know everything objectively.  What we have instead is a partial picture of all things - partial knowledge, partial understanding, incomplete ability to place value correctly - and too many influences,  in the form of people and experiences and tastes, not to mention God and Satan, whom I do believe exist (in fact, this post is directed primarily at Believers, though I welcome anyone else to read and discuss it as you wish).  If we could live without bias and understand all of the premises and all of the possible conclusions - know all of the possible effects of the weather and the spinning of planets and the growth of plants and the rise and fall of businesses and empires and the unions of people to create new people in the world - we would at last have a free choice.  As it is we are blown about by the wind and still think we have full control over our choices, so long as "nature" or "God" or "other people" don't get in the way.

And if we had true free will, in this manner, but still had our other human qualities, I believe most of us would choose God's way unquestioningly because it would obviously be the best way to do things.  As it is, we see so little of the picture and we're telling the only Person who can see everything, and who has our good at heart (for all things are done for the good of those who love God, and for His glory), that we know better where to go and what to do.  It's no wonder we regularly fall into pits the moment he lets us try our own way for a little while.  We can't actually see almost anything.

I'd like to develop this thought further, but for now I'd like to put it out there as it is and see what discussion occurs in the comments.

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