Saturday, April 23, 2011

And the Blog Re-Awakens

With my impending graduation, and my keen desire to be a writer, it is time I bring back This Is An Art. One purpose of this post is to establish the focus of subsequent posts - not that I have established a niche (don't be silly), but I've at least come up with some variation of default topic set. The other purpose is to ensure that people can hold me accountable for actually posting things again. You now have a specific post to which you can refer me, if I say "Meh, I don't want to post this week." Here it is. Cmd-D to bookmark (or ctrl-D, if you use Windows).

I intend to return to a schedule of blogging at least twice a week, probably on Tuesdays and Fridays, once my finals have ended. And, I intend to blog primarily (but not exclusively) on the following topics:

  • Writing. This includes writing about writing, and posting actual poems, short stories, and writing exercises. I want to be a writer. I started this blog in order to get some public practice. I now intend to un-defeat that purpose.
  • Projects. I do love projects, and I have so many. I want to post them here, as I do them - in-progress posts and finished posts, with all kinds of photos (or screenshots, where applicable) whenever possible. This is to inspire others to do new projects, as well as to hold myself accountable to finishing the things I start.
  • Various Christian topics. Nothing is more important than God Himself. When I am blessed with wisdom, I will write.
  • Media (occasionally). Books, films, and Leverage typically fall into this category (what do you mean other shows exist?). I have no intention of discussing media very frequently, and when I do discuss it, I hope to make much mention of the writing involved therein.
I also intend to come up with a standard for tagging my posts, and to tag new and old posts accordingly. I have previously hated tags, but I have come to find them quite useful.


Edit (29 Nov 2011, 1:34 AM): Oh, rats.  This didn't happen at all.

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