Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calvin Crickball: Awesome Summer Game

Calvin Crickball (a.k.a. CCB)

On Sunday afternoon, I hung out with two of my friends, who wanted to do something cheap. I suggested stickball. They seemed somewhat reluctant, but we gave it a go, and now all of us think it's just about the awesomest thing ever. Of course, we had to modify the rules a bit since there were only three of us. Calvin Crickball is the result.

Name Origin:
+We made up the rules as we went along, like Calvinball.
+We hit a ball with a broom handle, like stickball.
+We ran to one base and back, which is apparently like cricket.

You Need:
+A tennis ball
+A broom handle or similarly-sized stick
+Chalk and/or objects for marking bases
+A decent amount of space outdoors, far enough away from windows
+At least three people

Rules for Three People:
+Create a home base, either with chalk or some object, and a pitcher's "mound" (standing place) some distance away.
+Create a base some distance behind the pitcher's place, with chalk or some object. We used a tree. The more visible it is, the better for all involved.
+One person will take the stick and stand at home base. This person is the sticker.
+One person will stand or crouch behind home base. This person is the catcher, and will catch or chase missed balls to return to the pitcher.
+One person will stand at the pitcher's place. This person is (obviously) the pitcher.
+You will want to determine a sticking rotation; that is, the order in which the three of you will stick. For instance, I sticked first, then Cameron, then Jerrica, and then we started with me again.
+The pitcher will throw the tennis ball to the sticker. Strike and ball count rules are the same as baseball: 3 strikes, 4 balls. The general "strike area" is also the same. If you hit the sticker, it counts as a ball. If you hit them very hard, it is still a ball, but they may also hit you with the stick later.
+The sticker will attempt to hit the tennis ball with the stick. If s/he hits a foul (basically the same as baseball), it counts as a strike (unless it would be the third strike, in which case it counts as nothing). If s/he hits the ball, s/he runs to the base, touches it, and then runs back to home.
+Once the sticker has hit the ball, the pitcher's aim is to obtain the ball and either get it to home base or touch the sticker with the ball. If either of these things occurs, the sticker is out.
+The pitcher and the catcher then switch places, so that both people have pitched to the sticker. Once both people have pitched to the sticker, the next person in the determined rotation sticks, and the other two people pitch and catch.
+The game ends when you get tired, or somebody gets angry and refuses to play.

Rules for More People:
+Same as for three people, except you can add fieldsmen and, if space allows, more bases to run.
+You may also want to find a different way to deal with pitching rotation, or maybe even create real teams.


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